The Original Oil – Conventional

What is Conventional Oil?

Conventional oil, or non-synthetic oil, is an organic compound that has developed naturally within the Earth’s crust and is extracted from the ground by drilling and pumping. Prior to 1990, when synthetic oil was introduced by Chevron (following closely in 1992 by Valvoline), these conventional oils were basically all we had for engine oil.

The conventional oils on the market today are tried and true, tested over many decades. For the average driver and vehicle, these oils can work perfectly fine. However, always be sure to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual, or discuss oil options with one of our experts, as some engines are not designed to use non-sythnetic oil.

Knowledge is power! If you’re particular about your vehicle, don’t hesitate to do more research. Online you will find TONS of documentation, forums, and other resources to help make a decision about which conventional oil to use.

Common Advantages of Conventional Oil:

  • Additives to boost cleaning/help with viscosity 

  • Low Cost

  • Works well for older engines

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